Our values

Nature: as source of inspiration and harmony, not only in our solutions but also in the way we are working. Connection with nature is key.

Trust (T): Where trust is a combination of credibility (C), reflecting the importance of quality, our expertise, knowledge and presence, reliability (R), reflecting to our actions, we do what we say we are, intimacy (I), relates to our emotions, we want to create a safe space to share and co-create and where self-orientation (S) is limited, avoiding selfish actions, short-term profit & attitude and where regeneration and return on reputation is the focus.

Connecting (C): connecting people, ideas & solutions, but also connecting our engineering skills with our soul, intuition and feeling.

Creativity (C): out-of-the-box & solution driven, based on our knowledge, imaginations, system thinking and innovative spirit, not on our memories.

Autonomous & free: we operate autonomous, unrestricted & take the freedom to contemplate, think and act in line with our skills, dreams, soul & intuition. We encourage autonomy because it enables responsible behaviour and provides freedom to provide real solutions.

Authenticity: we are genuine and true to what we believe in, we understand the purpose of why we exist, we act with very consistent values, and with our heart, as well as our head. We have courage, compassion, empathy and we build long-term connected relationships. We have the personal self-discipline to deliver unexpected results.

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