Voorbeeld Blogpost

haedes coast 02

These past 2 months, we have been silent on our blog and Linkedin. A bit because of being fed up with pictures of people working at home, a bit because of being curious and astonished of this digital cocktail of group feeling, sudden (over?)enthusiasm for the health sector, group panic and emotional carousel of personal opinions on what somebody else should do or have done.

We have continued  working on our projects with our partners. That word does get back its real meaning when collaborating in this crisis, thanks for that !.

We had our worries for our parents, family and friends but, I must admit, I enjoyed the extra time at home with my sons. Although they mentioned the idea of opening a help line for children with annoying fathers. And riding my new race bike.

Our heart goes out to people who suffered personal loss.

It’s a time of feeling the need to be connected, also in the working environment. Therefore we want to announce the membership of our young company HAEDES BV of 3 important organisations :

We keep focusing on the positive elements. New business ideas, a more balanced way of working together in a clever combination of digital possibilities and fostering personal contact. A renewed appreciation for nature & silence. A weird combination of trying to live more local (all of a sudden these last weeks, people started responding when you say “hello” during a walk in the streets …) and feeling connected worldwide in this global crisis.

Let’s transform that positivism into operational modus !  Our way of doing that, is pointing your attention to our latest vacancy at https://www.haedes.be/join-us/