Who we are

The best ideas are not born in silos or by avoiding feedback and input from a broad spectrum of people. The best ideas are created by going beyond borders and getting curious about other approaches, cultures and procedures. To build resilience, we believe in diversity. Diversity in age, creed, culture, gender and background. We stimulate divergence by working across boundaries both within the organisation and beyond the organisation. We take care of each other. We hold space for each other to share perspective. We are all ecosystem facilitators cultivating the right conditions conducive for our organisation to flourish. We all understand our organisation is a living system.

Foto Matheus square
Geospatial Data Scientist | Geologist
Portuguese, English

From the vibrant landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I have always had a passion for nature and an enduring curiosity about our planet, interests that started in my childhood. My academic journey in Geology laid the groundwork, which was further built upon with studies in Geospatial Technologies and Data Science. Growing up near the Atlantic has imbued me with a deep respect for Earth’s landscapes and the intricate systems that sustain them, guiding my professional focus toward leveraging geospatial analysis and data science in environmental contexts.

At HAEDES, I am excited to apply my blend of expertise to contribute to our collective mission. I am eager to collaborate with this diverse group of experts, aiming to innovate sustainable solutions for water management and enhance environmental resilience. I am enthusiastic about learning from each team member and contributing to HAEDES’s culture and commitment to sustainability.

TDV square
Expert Water Governance Systems
Dutch, English, French, German

I am driven by a passion for positive change and the improvement of our surroundings. Building on my academic background in political sciences and management, I have had the privilege to professionally immerse myself in the exploration of our environment. Throughout this journey, I discovered a profound appreciation for our water systems, recognizing both their strengths and vulnerabilities.

Within the dynamic environment created by the experts at HAEDES, I actively contribute to shaping sustainable water narratives. With the aim to structurally enhance and strengthen the resilience of our water systems and also leverage diverse synergies and opportunities with impact to our environment as a whole.

Seb Pic square
Climate Expert, Business Developer
German, English

I have been drawn to nature all my life and thereby have developed a deep passion for the physics of the earth system. My technical focus is on statistics of climate and hydro-meteorology (observations, forecasts, climate models) in Python for analysis of hydrology, water resources and disaster risk. I have strong experience in the international development sector including using remote sensing data in GIS.

Besides my technical roles, I am a business developer and project manager with strong experience in leading intercultural project teams, coordination of technical inputs and logistics of environmental field surveys in conflict zones (South Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda/Burundi). I hold three university degrees including a MSc in Climate Physics.

I am very excited to join the HAEDES team with such a diverse range of expertise and cultures. Besides working with my fellow number crunchers and modellers, I look especially forward to collaborating with environmentalists, ecologists and biologists for jointly making a difference towards a more sustainable future.

Process Facilitator
English, French, Dutch

I am a passionate process facilitator with a PhD in ecology, climate change. During my academic career, I studied the interrelatedness of C-fluxes within forest ecosystems. When observing effects of climate change on ecosystems of poplar and eucalypt trees, I gained a lot of experience in in-depth analysis of eco-physiological processes and interactions. After my academic career, I started my own company and developed further my systemic thinking and participatory research skills within the agro-ecological field.

Reintegrating nature as an essential part of any living system: an asset we should all thrive for. As years passed, I further deepened my expertise in helping stakeholders finding nature based solutions by adding the component of the impact of the behaviour of the organisation itself (a living system including its teams and team members ) on the presence of the problems or challenges these stakeholders were seeking to resolve. Awareness rising of the human nature became my newest competence, and since 10 years now I am also a certified (systemic) coach. In HAEDES, I will use the whole of my skills (left and right brain 😉), to facilitate and support the development of nature based solutions within a multi-actor and participatory environment.

anibal square
Spanish, English

Growing up in the beautiful Chilean Patagonia I developed a deep love for natural sciences since a very young age. This passion led me to studying geology and later pursue a master’s in water resources engineering. During my academic journey, I became particularly interested in hydrogeology, climate change, and natural risks—areas where I can work on the most tangible aspects of the earth sciences.

Joining HAEDES is a great opportunity to work in a multicultural environment with experts who share the same passion for nature and sustainability as me. I’m here to contribute with my programming skills and knowledge of saturated/unsaturated flow to have a better understanding of the water cycle.

Lénia PT HAEDESsquare
Biology and Ecology Specialist
Portuguese, English

Passionate about lifelong learning, I am a creative and committed biologist with a strong background in coastal and marine ecology. Several years of research related to global change drivers, experience in consultancy, science outreach and project development allowed me to mature the skill of ecosystem thinking while tackling proposed challenges.

After years assessing complex ecological dynamics, I am happy to be part of HAEDES and foster its success along with a diverse team of experts. What inspires and motivates me the most? The research and development of solutions inspired by and towards nature, targeting environmental sustainability and collective resilience.

PXL 20210710 081522938
Senior Engineer
Vietnamese, English, Dutch

Hydrology, the study of the water cycle, is essential to addressing the global water crisis. It helps us understand and manage water resources sustainably. I am a passionate hydrologist with a PhD in water resources engineering. I am particularly interested in using various modeling techniques to improve our understanding of complex hydrological processes.

In my new role as a senior engineer at HAEDES, I am excited to collaborate with a talented and dedicated team of professionals to develop innovative solutions to the world’s water challenges.

ComaRomeraJosep fotoSquare
Engineer Integrated Water Management
Spanish, Catalan and English

The ability to capture and represent nature in all its complexity is crucial in dealing with the impacts of climate change. As water is the basic element of nature’s creation, it is essential to understand and describe its dimensions in order to manage it in an equitable and sustainable way. Through modelling, we can represent the physical reality of water systems and design future management strategies. This is my job at HAEDES and my contribution to the responsible use of water resources, now and for future generations.

With a background in civil engineering, expertise in river hydraulics and modelling of hydrological systems, I join HAEDES to address water and environmental challenges with nature-based solutions, using modelling as a key tool for decision making.

image00001 square
Pragmatische teamspeler
Languages: Dutch, English

I am excited to join the Haedes team as a connector. I strongly believe in the power of connection and the interdependence of everything around us. With a listening ear and an open heart, I aim to spread positive energy within our team and beyond. I am inspired by the natural world and its endless diversity. I believe that by harnessing our unique gifts and talents, we can find creative solutions to the challenges ahead of us.

As a connector, I will also fulfill an administrative role, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of processes and systems. I strive to create a safe space where everyone feels heard and valued, while also bringing the necessary structure and organization. I believe that positive energy is contagious and I want to encourage others to reach their full potential. Together, we can create synergy that enables us to achieve our goals and make a positive impact on each other and the world around us.

Civil Engineer
Languages: Portuguese, English

As a Cape Verdean, I have lived all my life surrounded by water, being passionate about the sea. I am a young researcher with a background in Civil Engineering. I have been focusing on the areas of fluvial and maritime hydraulics, and also on coastal and port engineering aspects. My experiences consist mainly of numerical and physical modelling of river and maritime processes and ship responses.

By joining HAEDES, I bring my experience in civil engineering projects and the spirit of innovation, aiming to contribute to the growth of our team.

NIvedha Elango
Modeller Water Systems
Languages: Tamil, English

I am a young water professional passionate about integrated water management, disaster risk reduction, and nature-based solutions in flood management. Coming from a cyclone-prone coast, witnessing the damage and the impact every year, made me interested in pursuing Integrated Water Resources Management and seeking effective ecosystem-based solutions for water-related problems. I have been involved in research projects connected to watershed management, climate change adaptation, and flood management.  Being a part of several youth networks, I had been addressing and empowering the youth through several webinars about ecosystem-based adaptation to the changing climate.

By joining HAEDES, I aim to contribute to the projects using my skills acquired, building knowledge, and developing skills working together with experts in diverse backgrounds. I consider this opportunity an important step in achieving my goal to create a sustainable future and a nature-inclusive approach to water management.

Ambassador South America – Environmental Manager
Languages: Spanish, English

As an environmental engineer, my passion is to create sustainable and efficient solutions for environmental challenges. I hold two master’s degrees. Oone in energy efficiency and the other in project management. I am thrilled to join HAEDES, to collaborate with a team of experts, who share my passion for sustainability and work together to deliver innovative and effective solutions that prioritize environmental water stewardship.

I believe that sustainability is key to long term prosperity. My dream is to contribute to innovative and effective solutions that improve the state of our planet.

Environmental Scientist
Languages: Portuguese, English

I am a highly motivated sustainability expert with an intense commitment to help to mitigate the impacts on environment. With my knowledge in a range of fields such as carbon sequestration modeling, biodiversity research, circularity, and GIS analysis, I developed a unique skill set which enables me to handle complex environmental challenges with confidence and creativity. I’ve always been passionate about sustainability and am constantly looking for innovative methods to contribute to it. I am delighted to become part of the HAEDES team and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Ocean Engineer
Languages: Portuguese, English

I am enthusiastic about water and the environment. My area of expertise as a Civil Engineer with an MSc in Ocean Engineering is numerical modelling of coastal environments. Since I started my academic career, I got involved in several studies connected to marine hydraulics, always working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. By joining HAEDES, my mission is to support the development of engineering projects throughout numerical modelling and nature-based solutions for hazards, risks, climate change and adaptation.

Coastal Scientist
Languages: Portuguese, French, English

With a background in both oceanography and geology, I identify myself as a coastal scientist. Since my PhD in nearshore sediment transport, I’ve been dedicating myself to the study of coastal dynamics with a focus on wave-related processes by using numerical models to evaluate natural hazard scenarios. During my recent experience, I was able to develop technical skills as well as sensitivity to the potentialities and limitations of process-based models. Being aware that models are nothing more than approximations of reality has always helped me on this journey. By joining HAEDES, I aim to use my expertise to help further understand changes in the coastal environment and to support the development of strategies and solutions inspired by nature able to mitigate current coastal threats.

Haedes Biopic Large
Full Stack Developer
Languages: Spanish, English

Lover of technology since a very tender age, I focused my efforts on getting a Computer Science degree so I could immerse myself in the world I was always fascinated with. After successfully graduating I have been polishing my skills, as well as developing new ones, because being a programmer is more than just a job title for me, it is my call. My main field of expertise is Database Development, but I have experience in all Full Stack disciplines.

My goal in HAEDES is to become a bridge between the company and the innovative technologies that can make them a reality, by doing this I wish to help in the optimization of any processes involved in the management and study of our most valuable resources, water.  I wish to apply the knowledge that I am constantly acquiring to help improve our environmental sustainability; so that the projects I help develop can be used to make a lasting change for the better

Senior Sediment Expert
Languages: Spanisch, English, Dutch

I hold a Master in Civil engineering and a phD in cohesive sediment transport. With 10 years of experience in soft sediment management, I can confirm that I am not scared of getting my hands dirty and my feet deep into the mud, both at the lab and the field. In fact I love to play with mud, maybe as much as a child, and to explain my observations in the direct and simple way a child would understand too.

I am the key to bring HAEDES further in the management of soft and fine sediments and the associated collaboration with Ports and Harbours. The mud is soft, but I must say my character is tough. The latter makes me a bit stubborn and direct sometimes, but never stops me from trying to help.

Photo Barbara square
Senior Geophysical and Ecology Specialist
Languages: Portuguese, French, English

Since my graduation in Marine Sciences, I got involved in several subjects related with oceanography. Those experiences taught me the importance of having different perspectives and to link the knowledge from different disciplines in solving problems.

My PhD on the interactions between salt marsh vegetation and sediment dynamics, got me to discover amazing systems, where living organisms, perfectly adapted to such harsh conditions, have key roles in maintaining our environmental equilibrium. I have since then considered intertidal habitats my centre of interest both in science and for the personal pleasure of observing.

By joining Haedes, I aim to put at use my skills to connect the physical environment with its ecological significance ecology and hence contribute to finding balanced solutions between nature and human activities.

carmen square
Engineer Integrated Water Management
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish

The ingenuity of water in finding the easiest, most efficient path down the road has always been my inspiration in science and technology. As a civil engineer in hydraulics and an MSc in water resources engineering, my core area of expertise is numerical modeling of climate and hydrodynamics in rivers. By joining HAEDES, I aim to support hands-on projects related to integrated water management, blue-green strategies for climate change adaptation, and sustainable water systems. Moreover, as a lifelong traveler, I strive to find solutions through social interaction and mutual understanding.

Leticia photography square
Marine Ecologist
Languages: Portuguese, English, German, Spanish

I am a biologist with a passion for water resources. I consider it my responsibility to contribute to the good management of this resource, which is so vital for our entire ecosystem. Working on aquatic ecosystems and protecting them from any kind of pollution is part of the responsibility I am talking about. Enthusiastic and creative, I really want to contribute to projects related to the quality of water resources and the management of aquatic ecosystems through nature-based solutions. This is how I want to make a difference in the future we leave to the next generations and living beings on our planet. So through my vision I really want to inspire others for future projects. It’s time to act!

1 square
Principal engineer
Languages: English, Farsi

With several references, and more than 15 years of experience in coastal and port engineering I am glad to bring my expertise on the numerous challenges our coastal and marine areas have to face. Constantly seek for the global view, this holistic vision is why I decided to join HAEDES. My skills encompass data analysis of in-situ and remote sensing parameters, hydrodynamic, water quality and sediment transport modeling, and provision of innovative engineering solutions to better live with nature.

DSF photo white square
Country Manager / Chief Operating Officer (Portugal)
Languages: English, Portuguese

Passionate about people and personal relationships, I try to put my knowledge and skills of Civil (M.Sc), Coastal, and Port Engineering at the service of society. At HAEDES I am responsible for Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries operations, and my main goals are to foster a positive work environment for the team, seeking to meet their needs and aspirations, offer the market a consulting solution with a focus on nature and sustainability, and enhance an environment in which free initiative and innovative spirit are combined with rigor and sense of responsibility. Focused on results, emotionally intelligent, lover of life, sweet words, and warm hugs, I try to positively change the world, one day at a time.

Ivan picture
Chief Innovation and Digitalization Officer
Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch

Managing complex multidisciplinary projects maximizing the benefits for our society and nature is my main driver. With a solid background in research and strong experience in numerical modelling and project management I am in continuous pursuit of new and creative solution approaches. My purpose is to tackle old and new challenges in our complex society and its interaction with the environment. I explore new areas of interest by engaging R&D and innovative projects and nature is my main source of inspiration.

haedes piet haerens
Founder – CSO Chief Soul & Strategy Officer
Languages: English, Dutch, Portuguese

Connecting people, ideas and disciplines for innovation that’ s what drives me. I can incorporate my expertise into typically disassociated fields and think systemic. I’m a European, future oriented, passionately inspired by Nature, science & experiences. I have completed my MSc. in Coastal & Marine Studies at the University of the Algarve (Portugal). My core field of expertise is related to regenerative design, system thinking, nature-based solutions in combination with engineering knowledge for ocean & offshore renewable energy, coastal resilience, and ports. I take the responsibility to nurture both HAEDES’ scientific skills and our soul.

Foto Renaat De Sutter
Founder – CEO
Languages: English, French, Dutch

I consider myself as rational, down-to-earth, opportunity driven, proud and stubborn. Trust and integrity are my core values as CEO of HAEDES BV. Having international experience in hydraulics, integrated coastal zone/water management, sediment management and dredging, I am proud to use our Flemish/Belgian expertise to solve international water related challenges, enjoying the honest relation with local stakeholders. Developing science into engineering practice is my angle of doing business.