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Anthropocentrism and Ecosystemic approach

Arthur shares THE question that over time has become his main reason for action: How can we succeed in living sustainably on a planet where everything is connected by being centred on ourselves?
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MARCOS, an eye-opener, a paradigm shift and the start of something new.

The MARCOS project was an eye-opener and, ultimately, led to a paradigm shift. MARCOS was and is the start of something new.
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A weird combination...

It's a time of feeling the need to be connected, also in the working environment.
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Can we reinvent consulting & engineering?

I’m an engineer, result of 20th century western education and my past social context. Can I reinvent myself and become a 21st century engineer inspired by Nature? Can I unlearn what I have learned and reinvent my expertise to contribute to real sustainable solutions? Yes, but how?